Chapter 3 – Psychic Henry

i have known psychic henry for years and first got introduced to him by my friend lisa who was just about to see him.  she said, ‘pyschic henry is never wrong tho sometimes his time line is off’.  i asked her to ask about me.  when she got back she told me what he said about me.

he said that many good things will happen for me.  that everything i touched wud turn into success.  a bit compelling no?  she told me the rest of her prediction as well.  he intrigued me tho i was apprehensive about knowing too much but after my first visit with him, i got over that.  tho i still have times when i feel i really dont want to have a heads up on the future—for example,  when my mom was dying—yet i did go when i felt ready.  yet my own psychic ability is active enough too that i can tap into certain things.  in fact i knew about when my mom was ready to pass and i went to see henry then and he said she would be around longer.  i knew he was off as i sat listening to him.  but his time line is indeed off.  apparently it is hard to pin down dates in the ethereal world where time is shaped differently.

he is a sweet man.  the huggable sort.  he is older, praps in his sixties, and he has a nice chuckle and funny sayings like ‘he will be chasing you around the coffee table’.

psychic henry describes the man who wud be the love of my life.  this was a recurring theme in my reading.  he claims once we meet we will be together for ions.  he says i wud not be surprised by his character, tho knowing me i mite not recognize him.  if i am not interested in a guy, he has to work very hard to get my attention yet not ‘obviously’ work so very hard, if you know what i mean.  he wud have to woo me and i am not wooed very easily if i am not interested or attracted.  tho i do find these types curious.

so many of his predictions have come true and sometimes years after he predicted them.  when i found myself in the tropics again and learning another language, i remember one of his predictions about just that.  he predicted this when i was not traveling and had no urge.  he wud also tell me of boys that were bad news and went way into the future with predictions of my niece.  he recently predicted that the production company i was working for would have me flown back from costa rica to work on the doc again.  and they would offer me something more and it wud have a twist in it.  that went down just like that and came about shortly after the prediction.

now henry does not speak with spirits like elma does.  i see elma in particular, when someone has passed.  right after andrew died, i got a reading from elma.  after my mom died as well.  it was very comforting for me.  sometimes these sessions felt like a counselling session – both with henry and elma.

another theme was that i wud develop a lump in my left breast.  he said that it wud cause me a lot of concern but it was not cancer.  it was like tissue or muscle, but it was not cancer.  ‘but it will worry you.’

he always said that i am in really good health and he thot i wud be cancer free throughout my life.  not only did he tell me that but i truly believed that and not from just him telling me.  and oddly daya, the healer/psychic woman that i just started seeing said, that there is actually cancer showing up in my chart.

she also said that it is a no brainer, that i will be well, and thot that praps that what psychic henry was picking up.

i always strongly believed there was no reason for me to go thru the cancer experience.  i know it can be genetic but i do not live my life like my mother.  i do not eat or act the same way and dont live in the same environment.  but yet i am my mother’s daughter and my healer says that we get diseases via lineage.  she believes they manifest from our emotions and we have to deal with them in order to heal or they can recur.  i think there is truth to that.

when  i saw psychic elma, she said my mom’s spirit said that she did not learn the first time – when she had breast cancer.  daya says that mom’s emotional blocks are passed down to me like her mother’s to her.  the dots are connecting in some way for me now.  even relating to my latest past life recall.  which is all about closing your heart.



i started to perceive things psychically when i was about seven.  not sure how it came about but i knew my aunt edith was psychic.  i may have overheard the grownups talking.  i was interested and felt some affinity to it.  so i asked her, i must have been about seven then, ‘do you think you are psychic?’

and she responded, ‘i dont think i am, i know i am.’ and then i must have asked her how she used it.  and she said that she can read peoples’ thoughts especially her family – her husband and kids.  they could be out in a boat and communicating without talking.  just sending thots to each other.  she said she found it hard sometimes if she was in the middle, like the middle of the boat, becuz she wud get the cross fire of thots.

she also said she knew when something was about to happen like when her son had a very bad accident.  she knew something had happened to him and when an ambulance went by her, she said, ‘my son is in that ambulance!’  and he was.  i asked that son about his mom and her psychic abilities and he said something like oh yeh, she gets into my head.

and so, i worked, or played with mine.  so i wud read my friend’s or cousin’s thots.  first i wud tell them that i cud read their minds and they wud say ‘yeh right, okay then read mine.’  and i wud and then they wud freak out.  it was the freaking out that i didnt like.  i also didnt like that i was challenged so i stopped telling people.  i also didnt care that much to do it becuz i feel thots are private and thot that i had to respect that.  for me now it is more like a way of communicating to someone close to me that i am safe (like after the hurricane in jamaica i sent out a psychic message to my dad).  both of my parents are pretty perceptive to it.  emotions can also be ‘transmitted’ which can be cool with someone you care about. 

so i guess this first went down when i was about seven.  many things i relate to when i was seven.  i had many epiphanies then.


when i was a kid if i was mad at someone i wud wish something bad wud happen to them.  not something evil bad but that they might trip or the like.  it kind of works and it seemed to work well and fast and i found that freaky.  the good thing about it was that immediately after i wud get kicked in the karma bum.  like something equally bad or worse wud come back at me.  that was enough for me to not go there.

when i was in australia traveling around with my rather evil pal at the time. she took me to her brothers place.  there was just such an uncomfortable vibe in the house.  i wasnt sure what was going down but i didnt want to stay there.  evil pal said they are into black magic.  and she, was fairly psychic yet she had an evil side that i discovered when we jumped ship together.  while i was worked with her on the cruise ship i wasnt picking up the vibe but when we were on land, oh yeh.

in later years my psychic ability was the strongest in jamaica with my rasta boyfriend.  he was very psychic – which is considered kinda normal there.  he taught me how to make my images/visions move and to understand them more.  we had no phones to contact each other so we sent messages via our minds.  apparently i am a strong transmitter – so my psychic friends tell me.

one nite when i was on the beach with him, i knew my camera gear was being stolen.  i cud visualize someone coming into my bungalow and taking it from the drawer.  it did indeed happen.

after that incident, i saw a ‘seer’ there – a fortune teller.  he told the future while looking thru a crystal ball (yes i know).  he looked into my eyes and said ‘you see things in the future but you also see things in the present.’  i had never thot of that but the camera incident proved that to me.  i saw him after my camera was stolen and before the hurricane.

i didnt predict the hurricane.