Kat always liked this blurb I wrote about her:

A Moveable Feast

Kat was living in a purple van when I first met her. I quickly learned that while Kat is a grounded (and searching) soul, she is certainly not grounded in one place. She is a true beat, more Jack Kerouac than Kerouac himself.  As I was getting to know Kat, I nicknamed her “that polymath beat chick,” because in addition to her literal and spiritual journeys, she sculpted, painted, photographed, played guitar, sang, and wrote … all quite beautifully.

When Kat writes that she has never really felt at home, it is more plaintiveness than complaint, I think. She accepts that she’s not there, but she’s not giving the universe a deadline. And I believe that she knows that what comes her way will teach her something she needs on her path; it’s usually good for her art too.  Boris Pasternak wrote that courage is the root of beauty. Kat lives that. Her courage not only moves her along but brings people to her.

In Theravadan Buddhism the Second Noble Truth is this: “The origin of suffering is attachment.” Kat is attached to very little in terms of physical possessions (outside of her art); she hasn’t even had a place of her own to live for the last ten years. Hopping from place to place suits her. She’s her own moveable feast.

hey kat,

You’re the plate-spinner,

your tales are the plates.

I, of course, am Ed Sullivan.


– Bobo

Robert Basil, 2017

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